Safety Measures against covid-19

Dear customers,

One of the most important measures that our company has taken & applies in all its accommodations for the prevention & treatment of Covid-19 based on the health protocols of EODY, is the continuous training of all our staff members according to the instructions of the official state EFET & EODY bodies as well as the implementation of HACCP & ISO 22000.

In addition:

  • We provide personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) to all our employees.
  • We keep distance & we avoid physical contact.
  • We have extended the hours between check in (from 15:00) & check out (until 11:00) & we try to do this as contactless as possible.
  • In all rooms after the departure of each customer, cleaning and disinfection is being made using the appropriate certified means.
  • The linen are all washed in professional washing machines at a temperature higher than 90ยบ.

For any help you can contact the person in charge of the accommodation, the pharmacies around the accommodation and the hospital of Kalamata (tel. 27213 63000).